Reality vs Virtual Reality. Gaming in the food court. Castle Rush

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5pm this Thursday will be a war in Wollongong mall. Reality, vs Virtual reality. We are doing yet another public demo of <a href=””>Castle Rush</a>. This time in Wollongong mall food court. Castle Rush is a public local multiplier / virtual reality game. Where anyone can walk up, and use their phone to battle someone […]

5 Hour VR App!

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Last night while crashing at a mates place, we spent a few hours jamming with his housemates on his living room couch making a cardboard VR app while they played GTA on their projector. We ended up modeling his living room in MagicaVoxels, a great free 3D voxel modelling tool. Kinda like pixel art for […]

Multiple Meta Marker Tracking

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I want to track a large mountain onto my floor with Meta. 1m across x 1m wide x 50cm tall. Luckily, there is meta marker tracking support Problem, I can’t see the whole mountain without losing the marker. Meta Marker Tracking has been supported using April tags for over a year now. After spending the […]