Castle Rush. Virtual Reality game for engaging communities in events, venues & schools.



Castle Rush is a multi-player virtual reality game.

Reality vs. Virtual reality.  1-3 players in VR defend a castle against their friends, who attack from their phones.



The Virtual Reality players defend their castle

The virtual reality player, although physically in the room is virtual in another world. An archer defending their castle from the oncoming hordes of attackers.


img_5551  14310579_978236845636020_8939082199393185229_o  14206005_559404424254884_5979824325653241352_o



The crowd watching can play from their phone

Using it as a controller, and collaborate on a large screen to attack a virtual reality player.


img_5539  14361313_978236728969365_130677946441091423_o  img_5548


Supports up to 100 mobile & 3 VR players.

With plans to grow.




A game to unite a community, and its leaders.


If you are interested in being one of the first to install Castle Rush in your venues, schools or event. Reach out to to be included in the launch