The Team

13315799_10154098785501405_5281947571917241224_nAnnie Harper

An Artist all her life, Annie taught herself to program the hard stuff while working at the Intel Perceptual Lab as a Tech Artist. Coming from Discovery Channel,  Intel, Ballena Technologies, & Burning Man’s famous “Embrace” she is currently working on virtual reality applications to improve equality for under represented minorities in the tech & startup world.

Burning Man Artist, Perceptual Programmer, Tech Artist, Fabricator, Game Developer & High-tech Social-Entrepreneur.
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994435_10205180546464541_3184162693825810205_nBrennan Hatton 

Brennan start designing & building digital worlds at 14, was later scouted by Meta Augmented Reality (AR) to assist with their start-up in Silicon Valley. After 3 years as a Technical Pioneer. Brennan helped nurture Meta’s vibrant global community of more than 1,000 developers and companies in AR innovation, with today’s valuation being in excess of US$300 Million. Brennan currently spends his time Pioneering education in technology with Devika Learning and working on his own games to keep his skills relevant.

Teacher, Entrepreneur, Developer,  Designer, Community Manager, Tech Evangelists, VR/AR expert & Marketing.
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